Sustainable Car Parking Ideas & Solutions 

  • In the largest sense, sustainability is management of the social, economic and environmental impact of human population growth to preserve and sustain the Earth's resources. This paper looks at some of the benefits automated parking systems (APS) contribute to sustainability programs.

    Two of the greatest challenges with sustainability today are urbanization and motorization. Urbanization is the trend of more-and-more people to live in relatively small land areas (urban or high population density). The United Nations reports 30% of the world's population lived in urban areas in 1950. This has increased to 54% as of 2014 and is projected to be 66% by 2050. Likewise, motorization is a measure of the number of cars in use. Ward's automotive trade journal estimates there were 1 billion cars in use worldwide in 2010 and projections are for 2 billion by 2035.