Intelligence in Automated Parking Systems - Fact Sheet for Property Developers, Urban Planners and Architects

 With increased focus on profitability, sustainability and development land costs, Skyline Parking solutions offer the opportunity to double the parking density, greatly decrease the environmental impact and reduce the time and cost required for the planning process.

Skyline Parking Systems require up to 50% less volume to build on compared with conventional parking, as they eliminate the need for large parking areas to allow for pedestrian access, opening car doors, vehicle ramps, circulation routes, walkways, stairs, passenger lifts etc.

In terms of their building footprint, the savings can be up to 70% where building height is restricted. The gross floor area required per vehicle can be reduced by up to 40%. 

Skyline technology is most beneficial if space is restricted, expensive or too limited for conventional systems. On plots with surface dimensions less than 32 by 40 metres (where conventional parking becomes impractical) Skyline systems are the perfect solution.

A circular plot with a diameter of just 23 metres will allow the construction of a Skyline system above or below ground containing up to 234 parking spaces.